Super Kids After School Sports Club

We are excited to be offering a NEW Program to our facility, with PICK UP from Maplehurst PS, Glenview PS and Holy Rosary Schools.

The Super Kids After School Sports Club is a program that offers parents the opportunity to enroll their child in a program where they will be developing Physical Literacy and fundamental movement skills in a nurturing and safe environment.

This program falls inline with Sports Canada Long Term Athletes Development Model:

Physical literacy is the concept that children must learn how to move properly. Contrary to popular belief, no one is a "natural born athlete."

The idea behind physical literacy is this: if we give children the opportunity to do the right physical activities at the right time in their development, more of them will enjoy getting active and stay active. They will develop more confidence in their bodies and better sport skills - with better chances to become the next Wayne Gretzky, Steve Nash, Clara Hughes or Haley Wickenhser!


Living an active lifestyle is more than running around a track.


Knowing Sensei Ron and Sensei Tracey is all you have to know about Angus Full Circle. Exceptional character, caring Judokas, knowledgeable coaches and teachers, trustworthy individuals. Is there much else you could ask for in a Judo club?

- Kei Narimatsu

Amazing club with amazing people!

- Stacey Raposo

Tracy and Ron are two of the best people I know, on and off the mat! So much knowledge, tecnique, and competition between them, I couldn't, nor wouldn't, think of training anywhere else.

- Charmaine Alsager


1013 St. Matthews Avenue
Burlington, ON
L7T 2J3

Only a 10 minute drive from downtown Hamilton and 15 minutes from Oakville.
Local : 905-407-9000