4 - 5 year olds Little Ninja's

These classes will develop your child's confidence and physical literacy by focusing on basic fundamental movement skills such as running, skipping, jumping, twirling and ground specific forms of locomotion. All these skills were carefully selected to create a great foundation for your child to enjoy a lifelong love affair with sport and physical activity, should it be judo and jiu-jitsu, or any other sport such as hockey, soccer or basketball. The class emphasis on a variety safe falling skills instills within your child a deep confidence in themselves; this confidence transfers not only into other physical activities but to their social and academic development.

Our relaxed and nurturing class structure is designed to breed creativity, cooperation and positive child interaction. The class is taught by Tracy Angus, 6th dan black belt, graduate of the Canadian National Coaching Institute, and one of Canada's most experienced women's coaches.

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Judo is a great tool for children to learn to interact socially.

5 - 6 years old Big Ninja's

Children learn best in an enviroment that is fun, safe and nuturing.

Our junior classes introduce or further develop existing fundamental movement skills similar to the little ninjas class. New students are gently introduced to the relevant skills for this group. For those students carrying through from the little ninja’s class we expand and refine their proficiency to be used in a format that is much more applicable to their martial arts training.

You will see your child’s confidence soar as they become more competent at the basic movements, throws, pins and safe falling skills taught to this age group. As well, we start to introduce the concept of enjoyable competition by introducing fun games and competitive situations starting in a low pressure and fun setting. Many of our parents comment on how these newfound abilities and confidences have made a major impact on their other sporting activities and school work.

Our junior program is coached primarily by former World and Olympic coach Ron Angus, 7th dan black belt.

7 - 11 years old Youth

As both parents and coaches, the coaching staff at Full Circle Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Club recognizes the challenges and celebrates the uniqueness of this age group. Our youth classes are structured to develop not only the student’s martial arts and athletic abilities but as well encourage socialization and academic goals.

These classes develop throws, ground work, techniques and overall body strength. Classes are designed to increase concentration, athletic ability and tactics. Should the child wish, they will have the opportunity to begin competing in a more formal manner, if the desire is there.

In the youth class children are introduced to the idea of more formalized competition.


Our Senior Classes are designed to cover all levels of students from beginner to elite level competitors.

Our seniors program is designed to service a wide variety of senior judoka. Utilizing our 4300 Sq. Ft. matted area and large coaching staff, our seniors program can service anyone’s judo needs; from the novice beginner who is just looking for a unique way to get physically fit and relive some stress, to the athletes wishing to compete at the highest international level.

Classes are designed in such a way as to increase mobility, cardiovascular fitness, and strength all while learning judo for both self-defence, enjoyment or, if they wish, competition.

The seniors program is coached by Ron Angus, former World and Olympic coach, ten-times world masters champion and Tracy Angus, three-times world masters champion and previously women's coach for Judo Ontario.

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Knowing Sensei Ron and Sensei Tracey is all you have to know about Angus Full Circle. Exceptional character, caring Judokas, knowledgeable coaches and teachers, trustworthy individuals. Is there much else you could ask for in a Judo club?

- Kei Narimatsu

Amazing club with amazing people!

- Stacey Raposo

Tracy and Ron are two of the best people I know, on and off the mat! So much knowledge, technique, and competition between them, I couldn't, nor wouldn't, think of training anywhere else.

- Charmaine Alsager