Our Instructors

Ron Angus ChPC, former World and Olympic Coach

Ron Angus is a former World and Olympic Coach, an author, judo coach, and a public speaker on physical fitness. He is a Rokkudan 6th degree black belt in judo and has taught and studied the sport in 15 countries. He lives in Burlington, Ontario and is married to Tracy Angus, also an international judo competitor and coach, having represented Canada over a 22-year period. He has also competed in sombo in which he was at one point ranked third in the world. Angus has acted as tournament director for the Ontario International Judo Championships, and ran the Angus Full Circle Judo Club.

Ron has authored "Competitive Judo" for Human Kinetics' Judo series.

ChPC is a Charter Professional Coach and holds a diploma in High Performance Coaching from the National Coaching Institute. He is a Level 5 NCCP coach and a 7th Degree Black Belt.

Ron was a member of the Canadian Judo Team as both an athlete and a coach. He has competed at the World Championships and coached New Zealand at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.  

Coaching highlights

  • 1996 Olympic Games
  • 1995 Fukuoka Cup
  • World Judo Championships 1984, 1987 & 1995
  • 1992 US Open
  • 1990 Commonwealth Games N.C.C.P. Level 5 Coach

Ron is presently part of the Provincial N.C.C.P. Committee.

Judo and Jiu-jitsu

Ron is the creator of Judo Ontario's Judo Jiu-jitsu programme, which has as its aim making Judo more popular through:

  1. Teaching Judo's use for combat and self-defence, including holds and strikes not permitted in sport Judo tournaments.
  2. Reviving early Judo competition rules that minimize stops and penalties and maximize the athletes' freedom to enjoy the sport.

Tracy Angus ChPC

Tracy runs  Full Circle Judo Club along with her husband Ron.

Tracy has the position of High Performance Director for Newfoundland Judo Association and is also their Women's Coach for the 2015 Canada Winter Games.

Tracy is a Yondan (6th degree Black Belt) and a NCCP Level 4 certified coach and holds the distingtion of being a ChPC (Charter Professional Coach) with the Coaching Association of Canada. Tracy also has a Diploma in High Performance Coaching from the Canada National Coaching Institiute.

Tracy was a member of the New Zealand National Judo Team represetned her country over a 25 year span, competing at 7 World Championships, 2 Commonwealth Games and many international competitions.

Coaching and Competitive Highlights and Recognitions

Tracy was a memeber of the New Zealand National Judo Team and represented her county over a 25 year span. As a master competitior Tracy represented Canada and was Ontario Provincial Coach for several years.

  • 1991 World Sambo Champion
  • 1991 World Kubudo Champion
  • 2008 1st IJF World Masters Championships - Silver
  • 1990 Commoration Medal - for recognition of services to Sport in New Zealand
  • 2011 Champion of Sport - Burlington
  • Competed in 7 World Championships, 1984,1987,1989,1991,1993,1995,1997
  • Competed in Commonwealth Games, 1986,1990
  • Canada Winter Games Coach Ontario - 2 Team Gold Medals, 1999 and 2011

Community Programs

Until recently Tracy was also a Life Guard and Swim Instructor for the City of Burlington. She lives the motto of the club "Fitness through Play, Active for Life". Tracy taugh many of her junior judo students to swim and plays an active roll in her community running physcial activity programs such as; After School Sports Programs, PA Days and Summer Camp Programs keeping the children in the community active and healthy.