Training and coaching methodology

Full Circle Judo Club was established in 1991. Our philosophy and values can be seen in the name of our judo club. Full Circel Judo Club.

We believe that in the cycle of judo, a judoka becomes a student, then a sempai (or senior)

The club caters to many levels of judo players. Our members range from players that come to training once a week to learn and keep fit, to representatives on the national team who train virtually every day. Our childrens classes are from 3- 14 years of age, where the emphasis is on fun, maximum movement and falling safely.

The club has a history of successful competitiors and we have had many club members present Canada and New Zealand at the World championship, Commonwealth and Olympic Games.


Coach Ron Angus with guest instructors from Holland Chantal Klein Guunewiek and Marjolein Besnyoi . We oftern have guest instructors visit the Dojo from Japan and Europe.


Knowing Sensei Ron and Sensei Tracey is all you have to know about Angus Full Circle. Exceptional character, caring Judokas, knowledgeable coaches and teachers, trustworthy individuals. Is there much else you could ask for in a Judo club?

- Kei Narimatsu

Amazing club with amazing people!

- Stacey Raposo

Tracy and Ron are two of the best people I know, on and off the mat! So much knowledge, tecnique, and competition between them, I couldn't, nor wouldn't, think of training anywhere else.

- Charmaine Alsager

Why Ukemi is Important

Why Ukemi is Important


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